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About Milos

At Iliopoulou Rooms you can relax and unwind, but when it comes to exploring Milos, there are so many beautiful beaches, stunning sights and hidden gems that you will need to get started soon!

Milos is the biggest natural port of the Aegean and with a long and rich mining history and geological wealth and more than 70 beaches, there are many diverse and colourful landscapes to explore.

The main villages of Milos include Adamas, Plaka, Pollonia, Triovasalos and many picturesque seaside settlements, like Mandrakia and Klima.

Adamas is the port of Milos, located in the center of the vast bay of Adamas and is the main hub of the island during the summertime, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, nightlife options, shops and supermarkets. In Adamas you will also find the Milos Mining Museum, if you wish to explore the vast geological history of Milos and understand the colourful landscapes you will see on the island.

Plaka is the capital of Milos and one of the most picturesque villages of the Cyclades, with its winding, narrow alleys, small cafes and restaurants and little shops. It is also the best point to catch an unforgettable sunset from, with various levels of viewpoints, depending on how much you feel like walking for your sunset! In Plaka, you will also find the Folklore and Archaeological Museum of Milos, to get to know a bit more about the culture of the island.

Beneath Plaka, you will find a complex of villages that make for the center of the local life of the island and in the village of Tryiti, you can visit the Catacombs of Milos, the ancient theater and the place where Venus de Milo was discovered! At the bottom of the hill of Trypiti lies Klima, the traditional fishing village with the famous “syramta”, the fishermen’s boathouses.

In the north side of Milos, a laced coastline of caves and bays, make sure not to miss out on the volcanic cave of Papafragas, the ancient town of Phylacopi, the traditional village of Mandrakia and of course the famous beach of Sarakiniko! The stunning white lunar landscape of Milos is an unforgettable experience and certainly one that will fill up your camera. In the north, you can also find some of the most beautiful beaches of Milos, like Fyropotamos and Plathiena. To the northeast you will of course find the village of Pollonia, a seaside fishing village that gathers many accomodation options, some of the best restaurants in Milos, two sandy beaches and is the departure point for the connection with the neighboring island of Kimolos.

To the south of Milos, the more volcanic coastline of Milos is filled with unique colourful beaches, like Paliochori, Provatas, Ag.Kyriaki, Tsigrado and Fyriplaka. Besides the crystal clear waters, some of these beaches also have small settlements with seaside restaurants and watersports.

Last but not least, the most famous landmark of Milos, Kleftiko, is located in the southwest extreme of Milos, awaiting for you to explore its pirate caves, marvel at the impressive volcanic blinding white rocks and swim in its crystal clear waters. To visit Kleftiko and the other secluded beaches of the west side of Milos, there are a variety of boat trip options, some of which will also take you swimming to the uninhabited island of Polyegos, right across from Pollonia.

Kayaking, hiking, scuba diving and of course boat tours are some ideas to make your stay in Milos a once in a lifetime holiday experience. You can learn more and book your activities on Milos with our valued partner, Travel me to Milos Agency, which is located very close to our accommodation.